The Box lamp encapsulates the moment of anticipation associated with unwrapping a package. This unique piece artfully juxtaposes the fleeting nature of a wrapped parcel with the enduring quality of steel. Resembling a box in its design, the upper flaps of the lamp serve as a clever mechanism to guide and control the emitted light. The interior of the lamp is intentionally left empty, allowing users to personalize their lighting experience by introducing various materials as diffusers. This versatility means that materials such as paper or bubble wrap, as showcased in the accompanying images, can be easily incorporated.

Constructed from steel sheeting and featuring a 200lm LED, the Box lamp is not only a statement piece but also a functional and adaptable lighting solution. The lamp's interior can be filled with a wide range of materials, giving users the creative freedom to customize their lighting effects to suit their preferences.
Blanca Codina Bernat
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